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WORK IN PROGRESS 80% - Blood Dragon Armour ME3 by LeonChiroCosplayArt
WORK IN PROGRESS 80% - Blood Dragon Armour ME3
Blood Dragon Armour - Mass Effect 3 
Work in Progress : 80% 

It's quite finished!!! :)) I wanted to see how I was proceding and I took some pictures for you to show and ask you your opinions of my work in progress!  

NOTE 1 : I removed the LEDs from the armour and bracelets because I have to add a layer of Primer and then finish the coloration. So after doing it, I will install them again!

NOTE 2: There's still missing the black coloration and some details on the armour especially for the pattern on the lycra that will be different and more elaborated. I also have to continue the blood dragon on my shoulder and on the back. 

NOTE 3: Remember that's still a work in progress picture and some parts like the ankle parts, will be fixed and improved in the finalization.  

NOTE 4: I will wear a short black leggins / boxer leggins because I don't wanna show my ass in that way! Ahahah

Enjoy my friends! Tomorrow I will pack everything and leave to go in Paris, where I will be guest with a lot of amazing artists in Paris Comics Expo for the EA / Mass Effect event!!!  So happy and excited!!! 

Thanks to Jessica for the photos, patience (VERY PATIENT) support and help to wear it!!!  I love you, my badass!  we are the best team ever. 

#masseffect #cosplay #workinprogress #shepard #leonchiro #n7 #blood #dragon #armour#dragonage
Edward Kenway Cosplay - FIRE Black Flag by Leon by LeonChiroCosplayArt
Edward Kenway Cosplay - FIRE Black Flag by Leon
Edward Kenway - Assassin's Creed IV 

I have a very important announce to say tonight because I'm trully happy to share it with you!  
Next year I have an official project for Ubisoft and we will do a video together in a tour around Italy by running and jumping everywhere : Rome \ Florence \ Venice.  

So, I will cosplay an italian Assassin with all my heart! Coming out in february 2015, you should guess who will be!  Actually that's very easy to guess!  

Hope you will like it, I cannot say more for the moment! So... YEAH!!! I am so happy! FINALLY!    

PH - Danilo Gnomik Olivieri

#LeonChiro #Fomento #BlackFlag #AssassinsCreed#Ubisoft #ACIV
Riku - Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay (Close-Up) by LeonChiroCosplayArt
Riku - Kingdom Hearts 2 Cosplay (Close-Up)
'' Your face... 
Who are you really? 

And why do you have a Keyblade? '' 

This picture has a very special meaning for me. It's related to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days when Riku defeats Xion and 'recognized' her. He's removing part of the bandana to have a better look and he realize a lot of things (SPOILERS). 

So here we are with the first preview from the photoshooting I did with my trusted Walter Pellegrini. I am very proud for the result, because our friendship after all these years is always contributing to these results!  

Let me know if you liked this picture and share it with your friends!  Thank you so much and hugs to all of you!  

Photography - Walter Pellegrini Photographer

#Riku #KH #KingdomHearts #LeonChiro #Fomento#SquareEnix #LuccaComics #KH2 #HDremix
Leon Chiro on the Stage for CRYTEK \ Ryse: SoR by LeonChiroCosplayArt
Leon Chiro on the Stage for CRYTEK \ Ryse: SoR
Gannicus Cosplay by Leon Chiro Cosplay Art

Official Crytek Event --->…

A preview from Walter Pellegrini Photographer from the Crytek official event for RYSE : Son of Rome! I had the honor to collaborate with them and VIGAMUS - Videogame Museum of Rome, Italy for the main event on Saturday in Romics 2014. It was such an amazing and 'bloody' experience!!! I had to kills some romans on the main stage, what else can be better for Gannicus? :D

Thanks again to Vigamus for the chance and for making this happen! I love you guys! :) YOU are the FUTURE!!!

#Gannicus #Cosplay #Ryse #Crytek #Vigamus


LeonChiroCosplayArt's Profile Picture
Leon Chiro
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts

Hey there, I'm Leon Chiro an Italian Cosplayer.
In my real life I'm a Photomodel, bartender, student in Sports Science and Physiotherapy University.
• Always making my Costumes. #Selfmade Cosplayer.
• Always determinated by Competitions in every Cosplay Contest.
• Always using my heart in my Cosplay interpretations.
• Always available to help the next one :).

You can follow me here too :
► World Cosplay ◄…
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I wanted to share by heart this friendly picture in this special day, just to wish all my best to this epic man for his birthday! 
When I say 'Epic Man', I am not saying it only because he is such a talented artist and he's a very high inspiration for a lot of artists and cosplayers (I'm the first one to say that :D) but MAINLY because I had the luck to meet him in real and to see that I find a REAL and true partner in Crime and a FRIEND in real life! As I already said, the true value of a man is made by his heart and he has a lot! 
Sometimes words are not enough and they may sound 'the same' each time, that's why  I believe so much in the power of the photography, especially in this one that I love so much as best souvenir of Gamescom.
Let's wish him A HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALL TOGETHER for his level up!!! :) 

True Partners in Crime - Assassin's Creed Cosplay by LeonChiroCosplayArt
Happy Birthday Rick, don't NEVER change! 
With Respect and Friendship! :) 

-Leon Chiro 

Credits : 
Edward Kenway  :iconleonchirocosplayart:
Arno Dorian        :iconrbf-productions-nl:

Photographer - Stéphane You Photography

- Check out his brand new page on Facebook, dedicated to his ART :… -



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